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Compact Booster AM6-PC 0.4 kW


  • SIRIM Certified
  • Silent operation
  • Starts and stops the pump when the tap is opened or closed
  • Maintain pressure at a constant level during operation, eliminating hot/cold shower fluctuations
  • Shuts off the pump if loss of prime or dry-running occurs
  • Ensure your pump system to operate at optimum performance
  • Warranty of one year is included.

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Installation charges are not included.






EBARA Compact Booster AM6-PC 0.4 kW

The EBARA Compact Booster AM-PC Pump comes in three models (JESXM 5-PC 0.37kW, AM8-PC 0.6 kW & AM6-PC 0.4kW) to choose from. It is recommended for water boosting and shower purposes. Its silent operation and safety feature (auto shut off to prevent dry-run) make this model a common choice among users. It is durable and simple to install. The use of PRESSCONTROL (PC) controller ensures optimum control of automatic water pressure system.

What is PC Controller?

PRESSCONTROL (PC) is an electronic device ensuring optimum control of automatic water pressure system.

  • An intelligent combination of hydraulic and electronic know-how
  • PC controller monitors both pressure and flow and automatically controls the pump efficiently
  • No pressure tank required and no adjustment of pressure setting required
  • No risk of pump damage due to dry running as the device will automatically cut-off should the incoming water supply be insufficient

Installation Details

Please read the Instruction Manual that will be sent along with the product and follow the correct installation method. Any damage caused by negligence of installation shall not be subject to warranty claims.

If assistance is needed, please call Pump Era at 03 5192 2828 to arrange for installation.
Please note that additional charges may apply for installation services.

Warranty Details


Warranty of one-year (Included)
EbaraProtect is available for an additional year of warranty period.
To find out more, click here.

Note: Pumps cannot be used to handle dirty water, water containing acids or bases and corrosive liquids in general, water with high temperatures, saltwater, flammable liquids and hazardous liquids in general. The motor-driven pumps must never be made to work without liquid. i.e. running dry without water.

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Weight 13.5 kg
Dimensions 480 x 460 x 230 mm

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