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Sanso Self Priming Seawater Pump 40PSPZ-4031A


  • Made in Japan
  • Less noise: Maximum 15dB(A) less than conventional models
  • High efficiency: Optimum design of motor and pump. Maximum 47% improved in pump efficiency and maximum 56% improved in consumption power
  • Long life and high reliability
  • Totally enclosed fan cooling outdoor type motor
  • Protection switch is equipped to motor to prevent burning
  • 200W, 400W and 750W (25-40PSPZ)
  • 5kW and 2.2kW (50-80PSPZ)
  • Warranty of one-year included

Installation charges are not included.

Sanso Self Priming Seawater Pump | 40PSPZ-4031A

SANSO’s Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump is recommended for sea water. It produces less noise compared to other conventional models in the market. This outdoor pump also promotes high efficiency and promotes high reliability. A protection switch is equipped to prevent the motor from burning.


  • Circulations of sea water
  • Culture tank
  • Water tank, etc.

Installation Details

Please read the Instruction Manual that will be sent along with the product and follow the correct installation method. Any damage caused by negligence of installation shall not be subject to warranty claims.

If assistance is needed, please call Pump Era at 03 5192 2828 to arrange for installation.
Please note that additional charges may apply for installation services.

Warranty Details

Warranty of one-year (Included)

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Weight 17.5 kg
Dimensions 440 x 320 x 360 mm