Standard Pumps

Centrifugal pumps manufactured mainly for general purpose pumping requirements, such as building services, general industries, waste/sewage, and municipal water supply applications. Ebara Standard Pumps are mainly consisting of high quality Stainless Steel and Cast Iron pumps that are used widely in most sectors, satisfying customers worldwide since 1912.

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Total Products : 93

Model Type Product Description /
2CDX Twin impeller centrifugal pump-AISI 304Download Leaflet
3 Series Centrifugal pump in AISI 304-AISI 316Download Leaflet
3D series Close Coupled End Suction Centrifugal PumpDownload Leaflet
3TP 3" Submersible PumpDownload Leaflet
4BHS 4" bore hole pump in AISI 304Download Leaflet
4BPS 4" submersible pumpDownload Leaflet
4WP Encapsulated Submersible MotorsDownload Leaflet
6 & 8 BHE 6" - 8" Stainless Steel Submerged Centrifugal PumpDownload Leaflet
AGA-AGC Self-priming "JET" pumpDownload Leaflet
AGE-AGF Self-priming "JET" pumpDownload Leaflet
BHS Submersible pump for deep wellsDownload Leaflet
BMS-BMSP Submersible pump for water pitDownload Leaflet
CB Horizontal double suction pumpDownload Leaflet
CDA Twin impeller pump (cast iron)Download Leaflet
CDX Single impeller centrifugal pump-AISI 304Download Leaflet
CMA-B-C-D/CMR Mono-bloc pump (cast iron)Download Leaflet
Compact Horizontal multi-stage pumpDownload Leaflet
Control Box Control Boxes for Single Phase Submersible Electric Motors 3"-4"Download Leaflet
CSA-V / CNA-V Vertical pumpDownload Leaflet
CSA/CNA Horizontal split casing pumpsDownload Leaflet
CVM Vertical Multistage Centrifugal PumpDownload Leaflet
DDL Submersible Dry-Pit Sewage PumpDownload Leaflet
DDML Dry-pit type non clog pumpDownload Leaflet
DE Submersible aerator (for sewage water and contaminants)Download Leaflet
DL Submersible sewage pumpDownload Leaflet
DL with cutter Submersible sewage pump (with cutter)Download Leaflet
DML Submersible sewage pump (Single channel impeller)Download Leaflet
DML3 Wastewater submersible pumpDownload Leaflet
DMLV Vortex sewage submersible pumpDownload Leaflet
DRS Submersible Electric Pumps For SewageDownload Leaflet
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