Standard Pumps

Centrifugal pumps manufactured mainly for general purpose pumping requirements, such as building services, general industries, waste/sewage, and municipal water supply applications. Ebara Standard Pumps are mainly consisting of high quality Stainless Steel and Cast Iron pumps that are used widely in most sectors, satisfying customers worldwide since 1912.

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Total Products : 93

Model Type Product Description /
DS Submersible sump pumpDownload Leaflet
DSC4 Submersible pumpDownload Leaflet
DSCA4 Submersible Dry-Pit Sewage PumpDownload Leaflet
DUMPER Dewatering PumpsDownload Leaflet
DV Submersible Sewage Pump (Vortex impeller)Download Leaflet
DVS Submersible semi-vortex sewage pumpDownload Leaflet
DVSL Stainless steel semi-vortex submersible pumpDownload Leaflet
DWC Centrifugal pump in AISI 304Download Leaflet
DWO Open impeller centrifugal pump-AISI 304Download Leaflet
EBAMIX Submersible MixerDownload Leaflet
EFQT.EFQU Self Priming Trash PumpDownload Leaflet
EHS Submersible Sand PumpDownload Leaflet
ELINE/ELINE-D Vertical in-line pumpDownload Leaflet
ENH Submersible Powerful Sand PumpDownload Leaflet
ENR End suction centrifugal pump DIN24255Download Leaflet
ENZ2 Heavy duty submersible sand pumpDownload Leaflet
ES Submersible dewatering pumpDownload Leaflet
EU High Capacity Submersible Dewatering PumpDownload Leaflet
EU High Head Series Submersible Dewatering PumpDownload Leaflet
EUA High-Head Submersible Dewatering PumpDownload Leaflet
EUC Submersible Dewatering PumpDownload Leaflet
EUK & EUKZ Submersible Dewatering PumpDownload Leaflet
EUL Submersible Dewatering PumpDownload Leaflet
EUX Automatic-Operated Submersible Dewatering PumpDownload Leaflet
EVM 3-64 Vertical multi-stage stainless steel pumpDownload Leaflet
EVMR Stainless Steel Vertical Multi-stage Centrifugal PumpDownload Leaflet
EVMS Vertical Multi-stage Stainless Steel PumpDownload Leaflet
FHA End suction volute pumpsDownload Leaflet
FMQ Self-priming multi-stage pumpDownload Leaflet
FQ-FQD Self-priming pumpDownload Leaflet
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