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Pump Era Sdn Bhd

Founded in 1998, Pump Era Sdn Bhd is a renowned pump solutions provider committing to ‘Quality products with service’ since its inception. 

Widely regarded as one of the most established pump company in the industry, Pump Era is the agent of EBARA standard pumps and has participated in various projects paramount to the well-being of Klang Valley in Malaysia. Pump Era’s success resides in the people who make us who we are; many who are experts with substantial experience and proven track-records in their industries.

Headed by a team of highly experienced professionals and engineers, Pump Era possesses the capability to select optimal pumps and filters to meet your pumping and filtration requirement. We can also undertake mechanical and electrical projects to satisfy your pumping needs, particularly in the field of water supply, treatment and general industry applications.

Our Product Range

Pump Era offers complete pumping solutions to the building services, general industry, water supply and waste treatment sectors